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Woodbine Beach: Toronto’s Premier Lakeside Getaway

As a Toronto local, I can confidently say Woodbine Beach is the city’s ultimate beach destination. This massive sandy stretch along Lake Ontario boasts:

  • A Blue Flag beach for safe swimming 
  • 90+ beach volleyball courts  
  • Stunning boardwalk and skyline views 
  • Outdoor pools and recreation areas

Discover why families, sun-seekers, and adventure lovers all flock to this urban beach paradise. Keep reading to plan your visit!

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Woodbine Beach at a Glance

Woodbine Beach is a fun and lively place in Toronto where you can play in the sand, swim, and enjoy the sun. It’s the 4th largest beach in Toronto. 

Beach Stats

  • Length: The beach stretches wide and long, so there’s lots of room for everyone.
  • Blue Flag Status: This means the beach is clean and safe. It’s like getting a gold star for being super clean!
  • Facilities: You’ll find everything you need for a fun day out. There are places to change into your swimsuit, showers to rinse off the sand, and even spots to fill up your water bottle.

Best time to visit Woodbine Beach

The best time to visit Woodbine Beach is in the summer, especially in the morning or late afternoon. This way, you avoid the hottest part of the day and it’s a little less crowded.

  • Morning: It’s cooler, and the water feels refreshing. Plus, it’s quieter, so you can pick the best spot on the sand.
  • Late Afternoon: The sun isn’t as strong, and you can watch the beautiful sunset over the lake. It’s a peaceful time to enjoy the beach.

It is a place where you can splash in the water, play games, and make memories. 

Top Things to Do at Woodbine Beach

Woodbine Beach is a fantastic place in Toronto. It’s full of fun things to do, whether you like the water, sports, or just relaxing. Let me share some of my favorite activities at the beach.

Swim, Sunbathe, Build Sandcastles

It is super clean and safe because it has a Blue Flag status. That means the water and sand are checked to make sure they’re always nice and clean.

  • Swim in the clear, cool water on a hot day.
  • Sunbathe on the soft sand. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
  • Build sandcastles, the bigger and more creative, the better.

Walk/Run/Bike the Boardwalk & Martin Goodman Trail

The boardwalk and Martin Goodman Trail are perfect for a stroll, a run, or a bike ride.

  • The boardwalk lets you walk right next to the beach. It feels great to hear the waves while you walk.
  • The Martin Goodman Trail is cool for biking or running. You can see a lot of the city this way.

Play Beach Volleyball

There are over 90 volleyball courts here. It’s a great way to have fun and make new friends.

  • Gather a team or join a game. Everyone’s welcome to play.

Visit Ashbridges Bay Park

This park is right next to the beach. It’s a lovely place with lots of green space.

  • Have a picnic, or just relax in the shade.

Dine at Toronto Beach Club Restaurant

After a day at the beach, I love eating here. The food is delicious, and the view is amazing.

  • Try the seafood. It’s my favorite.

Watch Fireworks on Victoria Day & Canada Day

These fireworks are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Bring a blanket, sit on the beach, and enjoy the show.

Use the Outdoor Olympic-sized Pool

This pool is huge and right by the beach. It’s perfect for when you want to swim laps.

  • It’s great for cooling off, especially if the lake is a bit too wavy.

It is the best beach in Toronto & one of my favorite places. There’s so much to do, whether you’re by yourself, with friends, or with family.

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Family Fun at Woodbine Beach

When my family and I look for a day out, Woodbine Beach is our top pick. It’s not just about the water; there’s so much more to do. Let me tell you about our favorite activities.

Playgrounds and Splash Pads

The playgrounds here are a blast, with slides and swings that keep the kids laughing for hours. And when it gets really hot, the splash pads are perfect for cooling down. It’s likhaving a water park right on the beach!

  • Why We Love It: Safe, fun, and perfect for all ages.
  • Tip: Bring sunscreen. The fun can make you forget the sun!

Beach Rentals

We sometimes rent paddle boards or kayaks to explore the water in a new way. It’s an adventure every time, and you can rent them easily right on the beach.

  • Options Include Paddle boards, kayaks, and more.
  • Tip: Try going in the morning when the water is calmest.

Picnic Areas and BBQ Pits

Nothing beats a beach picnic. We pack a lunch, but sometimes we BBQ right there. There are areas set up for grilling that make it easy and fun.

  • What To Bring: Food for grilling, a picnic blanket, and your appetite.
  • Tip: Arrive early to claim a spot. It can get busy!

Off-Leash Dog Park

Our furry friend loves the off-leash dog park. It’s a great place for dogs to play and make new friends.

  • Why It’s Great: Fenced-in and safe for all kinds of dogs.
  • Tip: Bring water for your pet. It gets hot out there!

Outdoor Skating Rink in Winter

In the winter, the fun doesn’t stop. The outdoor skating rink is magical, surrounded by snowy trees.

  • Our Winter Highlight: Skating under the stars.
  • Tip: Check the hours. They change seasonally.

It offers so much for families. Whether it’s summer splashes or winter glides, every visit is a new adventure. It’s our go-to spot for creating memories all year round & do Free things to do in Toronto.

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Events & Festivals at Woodbine Beach

I love catching the vibes at Woodbine Beach when there’s a festival going on. It’s like the beach turns into a huge party with music and sports.

  • Music Festivals: Beaches Jazz Fest and Afrofest are my favorites. The music fills the air, and you can’t help but dance.
  • Sporting Tournaments and Leagues: Watching beach volleyball tournaments is super exciting. The energy is contagious!

Nearby Attractions

After a day at the beach, there’s still so much to explore nearby.

  • The Beaches Neighborhood: This area is cozy with cute shops and patios. It’s perfect for an evening stroll.
  • Kew Gardens and Other Beach Parks: More green spaces to explore. Kew Gardens is beautiful and peaceful.
  • Iconic Leuty Lifeguard Station: You’ve got to see this place. It’s a piece of history and makes for the perfect photo backdrop.

From dancing to jazz tunes to exploring The Beaches, every visit is a new adventure.

Tips for Visiting

Visiting Woodbine Beach is always a highlight. To make your trip smooth and enjoyable, here are some quick tips:

  • Arrive Early: Beaches get crowded, especially on sunny days. Coming early helps you find the perfect spot.
  • Pack Sunscreen: Protect yourself and reapply often.
  • Stay Hydrated: Bring plenty of water to drink.
  • Know the Area: Check out a map of the beach and nearby facilities.
  • Leave No Trace: Keep the beach clean by taking your trash with you.
  • Explore Nearby: Don’t miss the local shops and parks around The Beaches area.
  • Check Event Schedules: Plan around music festivals or sports events for extra fun.

Follow these tips, and you’re all set for a fantastic day at this Beach!

Wrap Up

Woodbine Beach stands out as a cherished Toronto gem, offering a blend of recreational activities, events, and serene beauty. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or family fun, it’s a destination that promises memorable experiences for everyone. Don’t miss out on this urban paradise!


Is Woodbine Beach Open at Night?

It is accessible at night, but there are no lifeguards, and facilities like washrooms might be closed. It’s best to visit during daylight.

Do I Need an Entry Fee to Enter Woodbine Beach?

No, you don’t need to pay an entry fee to enjoy Woodbine Beach. It’s a public beach, open to everyone looking to have a good time.

Can You Go Swimming at Woodbine Beach?

Yes, you can swim at Woodbine Beach. It’s a Blue Flag beach, meaning the water is tested and safe. Lifeguards are on duty during the day.

Is Parking Free at Woodbine Beach?

Parking at Woodbine is not always free. During the summer months, there’s a parking charge. Check signage for rates and times.

Is Alcohol Allowed in Woodbine Beach?

No, alcohol is not allowed at Woodbine. To ensure a family-friendly environment, drinking alcohol is prohibited in public spaces, including the beach.

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