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Cherry Beach Toronto

Cherry Beach: Toronto’s Beautiful Beach

Location: Foot of Cherry Street, Toronto Duration: 2-3 hours

As I strolled along the sandy shores of Cherry Beach, I was captivated by its serene beauty. It was named Marsh and later in 2003 renamed Cherry Beach. This Blue Flag-certified beach offers scenic views, kite-boarding, and peaceful trails. The best part? It’s Toronto’s cleanest beach!

Craving an urban escape? Pack your sunscreen and head to this Beach for a refreshing day by the lake.

Cherry Beach Beauty

History and Transformation

It has a cool story! It started as a marsh, then people called it Fisherman’s Island with a fishery and church. Later, it was named Clarke Beach Park after a guy named Harry Clarke who helped create the park. But in the 1970s, people thought about using it for industries. 

Lucky for us, in 2003, it got its friendly name, Cherry Beach, back. Now, it’s a beautiful spot for fun and swimming, thanks to lots of clean-ups and new stuff like paths and bathrooms. By Maintaining strict water quality and safety it’s being certified by Blue Flag Site.

Key Attraction in Cherry Beach

From scenic views to thrilling water sports, It has it all. Let me guide you through the top things to do in Cherry beach that make this beach a must-visit destination.

Blue Flag Certified Beach 

As one of Toronto’s few Blue Flag-certified beaches, It is one of the best beaches in Toronto and meets the highest standards for water quality, environmental management, and safety. You can swim, sunbathe, and enjoy water activities without any worries.

  • Clean and safe waters for swimming
  • Lifeguards on duty during peak seasons
  • Designated swimming areas with buoys

Kite-Boarding Paradise 

Cherry Beach is a popular spot for kite-boarding enthusiasts. With its strong winds and vast open spaces, it offers ideal conditions for this exhilarating water sport.

  • Ample space for launching and landing kites
  • Shallow waters perfect for beginners
  • Rentals and lessons available Nearby attractions of Cherry Beach

Soccer Fields and Children’s Play Structures 

It is not just a beach destination but also a hub for outdoor activities and family fun. The park features well-maintained soccer fields and a delightful children’s play area, making it a perfect spot for families.

Soccer Fields:

  • Two FIFA-standard astroturf fields
  • Ideal for recreational games and practices
  • Hosting venue for local tournaments

Children’s Play Area:

  • Safe and engaging play structures
  • Shaded areas for parents to relax
  • Separate from the beach for added safety

Seasonal Events: Promise Cherry Beach Music Festival 

During the summer months, It comes alive with the vibrant Promise Cherry Beach Music Festival. This annual event attracts music lovers from near and far, creating a lively atmosphere on the beach.

  • Live performances by local and touring artists
  • Various music genres represented
  • Food trucks and vendors on-site
  • Family-friendly environment

Scenic Trails and Picnic Areas 

Escape the city hustle and explore the serene trails winding through Cherry Beach Park. Enjoy a stroll or pack a picnic basket and relax amidst the natural beauty.

  • Martin Goodman Trail for walking and cycling
  • Shaded picnic areas with tables and grills for free things to do in Toronto.
  • Plenty of parking available

Dog-Friendly Oasis 

It is a paradise for four-legged friends, with a dedicated off-leash area where dogs can run, play, and socialize.

  • Fenced off-leash area for dogs
  • Shaded areas and water bowls
  • Separate from the main beach area

Stunning Sunsets 

As the day draws to a close, Cherry Beach offers breathtaking views of the sunset over Lake Ontario. Grab a spot on the sand and witness nature’s vibrant hues paint the sky.

  • Unobstructed views of the western horizon
  • The peaceful atmosphere for relaxation
  • Perfect spot for photography enthusiasts

With its diverse offerings, It promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages and interests.

Cherry Beach Sunsets 

Planning Your Visit

Heading to Cherry Beach? Awesome choice! It’s like a mini-vacation right in the city. Let me give you the lowdown on making your visit smooth and super fun.

Planning Your Visit

It is a gem in Toronto, perfect for those sunny days when you just want to chill or have an adventure. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Best Time To Visit Cherry Beach: Summer is fantastic for swimming and BBQs, but honestly, it’s great all year round. Early morning or late afternoon are the best times to beat the crowds.
  • Getting There: You can take public transit, bike, or drive. There’s parking, but it can fill up fast on weekends.
  • What to Bring:
    • Swim gear if you’re planning to take a dip.
    • A picnic or BBQ supplies. There are spots to grill but bring your own stuff.
    • A kite or windsurf if you’re into that, or just want to try.
    • Don’t forget sunscreen and water!
  • Dog-Friendly: Yup, bring your furry friend! There’s a big off-leash area.

Remember, It is for everyone. Keep it clean, respect others, and most importantly, have a blast exploring this little slice of paradise in Toronto. 

Safety Tips and Community Etiquette

Going to Cherry Beach is like visiting a friend’s house. You want to have fun but also be good company, right? Here are some quick safety tips and ways to be awesome while you’re there.

Cherry Beach safety tips

Safety Tips and Community Etiquette

It is a blast, but staying safe and respecting the beach means everyone can enjoy it. Here’s how:

  • Stay Safe:
    • Swim in designated areas and keep an eye on the kiddos.
    • If you’re kiteboarding or windsurfing, check the weather and wear the right gear.
  • Be Cool:
    • Keep music at a chill level so everyone can enjoy their vibe.
    • Clean up after yourself and your pet. Let’s keep the beach beautiful.
    • Share the space. The beach is for everyone, from swimmers to kiteboarders.

By following these simple tips, we can all help keep this safe and fun for everyone.


Is Cherry Beach nice?

Yes, It is lovely! It’s known for its sandy shores, serene atmosphere, and beautiful sunsets, making it a great spot for relaxation and fun.

Can you swim at Cherry Beach Toronto?

You can swim at Cherry Beach in Toronto. The water quality is often good, and it’s one of the cleanest beaches in the city for swimming.

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