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Panoramic view of Toronto Downtown

A Day Tour In Toronto Downtown: Toronto’s Best-Kept Secrets

With its bustling urban streets and vibrant multicultural communities, Toronto delivers big-city excitement paired with the approachable midwestern charm that beckons to be explored. So, what is the wait for? Get ready for a day tour in Toronto Downtown.

Even with just a single day to take in the sights, sounds, and flavors of this world-class city, you’ll be captivated by the wealth of treasures packed into its dynamic downtown neighborhoods.

Join us as we traverse the bustling streets, the best food and shopping, and uncover the cultural treasures that make Toronto Downtown a must-visit destination. Your journey begins here!

A Day Tour In Toronto Downtown

Early MorningSunrise at Lake Ontario or CN TowerVisit the Royal Ontario Museum or Casa Loma; explore Kensington Market and Chinatown.
BreakfastLady Marmalade/Sunset GrillEnjoy a hearty Canadian breakfast.
Mid-MorningCultural AttractionsVisit Royal Ontario Museum or Casa Loma; explore Kensington Market and Chinatown.
LunchSmoke’s PoutinerieTaste classic Canadian dishes.
AfternoonDowntown ExplorationWalk through Queen Street West, St. Lawrence Market, and Distillery District.
Coffee BreakQuantum Coffee/Boxcar SocialRelax at a popular coffee shop.
DinnerGusto 101/Other OptionsEnjoy Italian cuisine or other diverse dining options.
EveningNightlifeVisit Bar Hop, The Ballroom, or Fifth Pubhouse for drinks.

Additional Tips:

  • Use TTC or Hop On Hop Off Bus for convenient transportation.
  • Consider a CityPASS for discounts on major attractions.

Morning Activities

Start Your Day in Toronto: Morning Guide

  • Sunrise Experience:
    • I love starting my day with a sunrise at Lake Ontario. The view is peaceful and beautiful.
    • Sometimes, I choose the CN Tower instead. Watching the city wake up from above is breathtaking.
  • Breakfast Spots:
    • After the sunrise, I head to Lady Marmalade. Their brunch menu is fantastic.
    • If I’m in the mood for something more traditional, Sunset Grill is my choice. Their pancakes are a must-try.

In Toronto, mornings are special. Whether it’s a serene view of the lake or a bustling scene from the CN Tower, followed by a delicious breakfast, it sets the perfect tone for my day.

CN Tower view with clouds

Mid-Morning Exploration:

Mid-Morning Exploration in Toronto

  • Royal Ontario Museum:
    • Discover a world of art, culture, and nature.
    • See exhibits ranging from dinosaurs to ancient artifacts.
  • Casa Loma:
    • Explore this majestic castle and its beautiful gardens.
    • Learn about Toronto’s history in this early 20th-century mansion.
  • Kensington Market:
    • Experience the vibrant and diverse community.
    • Browse unique shops and enjoy the eclectic atmosphere.
  • Chinatown:
    • Immerse yourself in rich cultural heritage.
    • Sample authentic cuisine and explore colorful markets.

This mid-morning tour offers a mix of history, culture, and lively street life, showcasing Toronto’s diverse character.

Lunch Break:

Lunch Break in Toronto: Canadian Cuisine Experience

  • Smoke’s Poutinerie:
    • Ideal for trying Canada’s famous poutine.
    • Offers a variety of toppings on classic fries, cheese curds, and gravy.
  • Other Canadian Delights:
    • Look for local diners and eateries in the area.
    • Try Canadian staples like butter tarts or peameal bacon sandwiches.

Enjoying lunch at these spots gives you a taste of authentic Canadian flavors. It’s a perfect way to experience the local culinary scene in Toronto.

Afternoon Activities:

My Afternoon Adventure in Downtown Toronto:

  • Strolling Queen Street West:
    • I love exploring Queen Street West. It’s full of trendy shops and vibrant street art.
  • Visiting St. Lawrence Market:
    • This historic market is a must-see. I enjoy browsing through local produce and crafts.
  • Exploring the Distillery District:
    • Walking through this area is like stepping back in time. The unique shops and galleries are fascinating.
  • Coffee Break:
    • I often stop at Quantum Coffee for a refreshing break. Their coffee is top-notch.
    • Boxcar Social is another favorite. It’s a great spot to relax and enjoy a light snack.

This afternoon route offers a perfect blend of Toronto’s urban charm and relaxing spots to unwind.

Dinner Suggestions:

My Dinner Recommendations in Toronto:

  • Gusto 101:
    • I often suggest Gusto 101 for Italian cuisine. Their pasta dishes are simply delightful.
  • Multicultural Options:
    • Toronto’s dining scene is incredibly diverse. I enjoy exploring different cuisines here.
    • For Asian flavors, Chinatown offers a range of authentic restaurants.
    • Little Italy and Greektown are perfect for those who love European tastes.
    • I also recommend trying some Middle Eastern or Caribbean eateries for something different.

In Toronto, dinner is an adventure in itself. With so many options, every meal can be a unique experience. I always find something new and exciting to try in this city.

Evening Entertainment:

My Evening Entertainment Picks in Toronto:

  • Bar Hop:
    • I often head to Bar Hop for its lively atmosphere. They have an impressive beer selection.
  • The Ballroom:
    • The Ballroom is great for a fun night out. It’s not just a bar; it has bowling too!
  • Fifth Pubhouse:
    • For a more laid-back evening, Fifth Pubhouse is my go-to. It’s cozy with a great drink menu.

Toronto’s nightlife is vibrant and diverse. Whether I’m in the mood for craft beers, bowling with friends, or just a relaxed evening, these spots never disappoint. Each offers a unique experience, making my nights in the city always memorable.


1. What are the must-visit attractions in Toronto Downtown for a day tour?

Must-visit attractions in Downtown Toronto include the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, St. Lawrence Market, Distillery District, and a stroll through Kensington Market and Chinatown for a diverse cultural experience.

6. Can I visit the CN Tower and other landmarks in one day? 

Yes, you can visit the CN Tower and other landmarks in one day. For budget-friendly activities, explore Toronto’s vibrant neighborhoods like Queen Street West, enjoy the city’s parks, or visit markets like St. Lawrence for a cost-effective experience.

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