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Nathan Phillips Square- Toronto

Top 10 Landmarks of Toronto: Toronto’s Must-See Sites

Toronto, a city of iconic sights and diverse cultures, invites you on a journey through its top 10 landmarks. From Nathan Phillips Square to the CN Tower, explore Toronto’s rich history and dynamic spirit. 

As one of North America’s most multicultural cities, it offers a glimpse into a global mosaic. This guide, showcasing architectural marvels, cultural gems, and natural escapes, will inspire your urban adventure in this welcoming hub. 

Visit the very best of Canada as you immerse yourself in Toronto’s vibrant neighborhoods and stunning skyscrapers. Get ready to experience the pulse of this world-class city!

Top 10 Landmarks of Toronto

LandmarkTop FactsUseful Tips
CN TowerWorld’s 9th tallest freestanding structure. Features a Glass Floor and EdgeWalk.Best visited on clear days for views. 
Royal Ontario MuseumLargest museum of world cultures in Canada. Over six million items in its collection.Free admission on third Monday.
Casa LomaEarly 20th-century Gothic Revival style castle.Features secret passages and 98 rooms.Visit the gardens in summer. Audio tours available.
Ripley’s Aquarium of CanadaHome to over 16,000 aquatic animals. Features the longest underwater viewing tunnel.Buy tickets online to avoid lines.
Distillery Historic DistrictBest-preserved Victorian-era industrial architecture. A hub for arts, culture, and dining.Explore the unique shops. Ideal for walking tours.
Art Gallery of OntarioOver 90,000 works of art. Renovated by architect Frank Gehry.Wednesday nights offer free entry. 
St. Lawrence MarketOne of the world’s great markets. Over 120 vendors.Try local Canadian specialties.
Toronto IslandsA group of 15 small islands. Offers beaches, parks, and recreational activities.Take a ferry for the best experience. Ideal for picnics and biking.
Hockey Hall of FameDedicated to the history of ice hockey. Houses the Stanley Cup.Interactive exhibits for kids. 

1. Niagara Falls

Every time I visit Niagara Falls, it’s an awe-inspiring experience:

  • Stunning Waterfalls: The immense power and beauty are captivating.
  • Close-Up Tours: Boat rides like Hornblower offer an unforgettable perspective.
  • Panoramic Views: The surrounding areas provide incredible photo opportunities.

Niagara Falls never fails to impress with its natural grandeur. It’s a truly memorable destination.

Niagara Waterfalls in Downtown

2. CN Tower

The CN Tower in Toronto, one of the top 10 landmarks, is an amazing sight. Standing at 553.3 meters, it’s one of the world’s tallest towers. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Height: At 553 metres (1,815 feet). It’s so tall, you can see it from almost anywhere in the city. When you’re up top, the view is breathtaking.
  • Glass Floor: Walking on the glass floor is thrilling. You can see right down to the streets below!
  • EdgeWalk: For the brave, there’s the EdgeWalk. You actually walk outside, on the edge of the tower. It’s safe, but super exciting.

Visiting the CN Tower is an unforgettable experience. The views and the thrill are something I always remember.

CN Tower view with clouds

3. Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is a place I find fascinating. It’s not just a building; it’s a journey through history and culture. Here’s why:

  • Collections: From ancient dinosaurs to Canadian history, the variety is huge. There’s always something new to see.
  • Architecture: The building itself is a mix of old and modern design. It stands out and adds to Toronto’s skyline.
  • Cultural Significance: It’s a key spot in Toronto for learning and exploring different cultures.

Every visit here is a new adventure for me. The museum really brings history and art to life.

4. Casa Loma

Casa Loma, Toronto’s own castle, always amazes me. Here’s why:

  • History: Built in the early 1900s, it’s like stepping back in time.
  • Architecture: Gothic Revival style makes it unique. It’s like a European castle in Canada.
  • Gardens: The gardens are stunning, especially in summer. They’re perfect for a peaceful walk.

Visiting Casa Loma is like entering a fairy tale. The castle and its gardens are simply magical.

Casa Loma, One of the top 10 landmarks of Toronto

5. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto is a place I love for many reasons:

  • Marine Life: It’s home to over 16,000 sea creatures. Sharks, rays, and colorful fish – it’s like exploring the ocean.
  • Interactive Experiences: Touch pools and dive shows make it fun and hands-on.
  • Educational and Family-Friendly: Every visit teaches me something new. It’s great for kids and adults alike.

This aquarium is a must-visit for families. It’s both fun and educational.

6. Distillery Historic District

The Distillery Historic District in Toronto is a place I find truly special:

  • History: Once a large distillery, it’s now a vibrant cultural hub.
  • Transformation: It’s amazing how the old buildings are now galleries, shops, and theaters.
  • Arts, Culture, and Dining: There’s always something to do, from art shows to trying new foods.

Every time I visit, I’m struck by its unique blend of history and modern culture. It’s a must-see in Toronto.

7. Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario, one of my favorite spots in Toronto, is remarkable:

  • Art Collections: It houses a vast array of art, from Canadian to contemporary and Indigenous works.
  • Exhibitions: Always something new and exciting to see, from historical to modern art.
  • Architecture by Frank Gehry: The building’s redesign is a masterpiece itself, blending art with architecture.

Visit here is an inspiring journey through art and creativity. It’s a place I always recommend.

8. St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market, one of the landmarks of Toronto, always impresses me:

  • Historic Roots: It’s been around since the 1800s, making it a historic landmark.
  • Local Delights: The market is a treasure trove of fresh, local produce and unique foods.
  • Diverse Options: Whether it’s artisan bread or fresh seafood, there’s something for every taste.

Visiting the market is like a journey through Toronto’s culinary heart. It’s a must for food lovers.

9. Toronto Islands

I always find the Toronto Islands a refreshing break:

  • Access: Just a ferry ride from the city, it’s easy to get to.
  • Scenery: The islands boast beautiful parks and beaches.
  • Fun Activities: You can bike, picnic, or just enjoy the views.

It’s like a quick getaway, offering both relaxation and adventure. A visit here is a must for me.

10. Hockey Hall of Fame

Visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is always a highlight for me:

  • Celebrating Hockey: It honors Canada’s cherished sport, hockey.
  • Engaging Exhibits: The interactive displays and simulations are fun.
  • Iconic Trophy: The chance to see the Stanley Cup is unforgettable.

It’s a place that combines history, excitement, and the spirit of hockey perfectly. I always recommend it to friends.


What is a famous landmark in Toronto?

The CN Tower is Toronto’s most famous landmark. It’s known for its impressive height and as a symbol of Canada’s architectural achievements. The tower offers panoramic views of the city.

Why is Toronto most popular?

Toronto is popular for its diverse culture, vibrant arts scene, and dynamic food landscape. It’s a melting pot of cultures, offering a unique blend of experiences from around the world.

Why is Toronto attractive?

Toronto attracts people with its mix of modern urban development and rich cultural heritage. Its array of festivals, museums, and natural beauty, like the Toronto Islands, make it an appealing destination.

What is the largest square in Toronto?

Nathan Phillips Square is the largest square in Toronto and also one of the top 10 landmarks in the city. It’s a lively public space known for its reflective pool turned ice rink in winter, and the iconic ‘Toronto’ sign, hosting various events and activities.

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